Nightingale International would like to offer our very own LONGTERM CARE BOOT CAMP (SEMINAR) AN APPROVED PROVIDER OF FLORIDA BOARD OF NURSING)on AUGUST 30, 2008 at Suite 12-A G/F Kingswood Arcade 285 Vitocruz extension, corner chino roces la paz, makati city.Your ROADMAP to a successful nursing practice in the USA!!! The seminar shall include the following informative topics: Nursing in the USA - new trends and latest immigration info Long term Care Nursing - Discussion on federal Regulations governing LTC, History, population type, Care deliver system in LTC, etc...Clinical processes in long term care (Systems and structure, equipments, tools, key clinical compliance indicators, quality programs, QI/QM measure, the IDteam, record management and more Key regulation in LTC - what you need to know as a foreign nurse (HIPPA compliance, abuse mandated reporter, facility specific policy (discrimination, ├Ąt will employment")The Long term care survey process (FTAG's and defeciencies, your role as a nurse during survey, survey prep for charge nurse, critical success and CAREER OPPORTUNITIES!!!! FOR INQUIRIES: pls call up our office at 403090709277511023Look for Mr. Paul Dizon

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