The passing rate for first-time takers, repeaters, and voluntary examinees is 48.18 percent or a total of 31,275 of the 64,909; for those who re-took the exam as per a decision of the Court of Appeals, 73.8 percent or a total of the 248 of the 336; and for those who re-took tests 3 and 5 as per a decision by the United States’ Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS), 68.9 percent of some 13,000. HooraaYYyy!! I passed the board exam!! This is definitely one of my "I'm on top of the world" and "happiest person on earth" moments... This is the moment....this is the moment... Actually "that was a moment" cause i shouted and singed it a year ago. I was a June 2007 board passer and now i'm an RN without a career.. i'm in a foreign country working on a job that is far from nursing or any health field jobs..but could possibly lead to a health deteriorating condition... but hey.. im not the unluckiest person on earth... it's still a job and it still pays.. but i really hope it was something related to my course. Well, i'm not alone..some of my batchmates are in a similar situation, some are doing volunteer jobs and mostly are reviewing for the NCLEX and IELTS. See.. there are a lot of jobless RN's in the country..and that just don't go for the 2007RN's... SOoo..what should we do about it... well i guess my plan would be to equip myself as soon as i got back in the country. I would be doing lot's of trainings, especially on IVT, BLS and so on.. I'm planning to have a specialized field.. i'm still choosing between OR, ER and DR.. I've been searching the internet for so many times and most of the qualifications they require is that you must have a field of specialty... like psychiatric nursing, orthopedic nursing, pediatric nursing..and so on.. I'm also planning to have a review on IELTS..with regards to NCLEX, I'm still not sure if i would want to take it now because my target country is Canada for fast immigration and NCLEX is not one of the requirements. I was able to talk to some people and gathered some information on how to's of Canada. Hopefully that could help me land on my target country. Jobless RN's should not be disappointed, instead they should find ways on how to improve themselves so when an opportunity knocks, they would definitely be on the first line to battle. Keep on praying that God will bless us in a lot of nursing ways :) Go RN's.. Go RN's..Go RN's!!!

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